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“The Unknowable Lives In A Pack Of Cards After It Has Been Fairly shuffled , But Before It Has Been Delt, When All The Possibilities Are Open And When Each Possibility Matters.”

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About Becky

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A doctor in Parapsychology, Becky is the driving force behind “Kismet”. Becky is a jack of all trades and definitely the Master too! One of the country’s most sought after Tarot Card Reader, Becky developed the interest for Tarot reading in her early teens, although Tarot Card Reading has always been a difficult art and mastering it has always required humongous amount of passion and dedication. So when Becky decided to start “Kismet – The Tarot Bay” 4 years back, she found unflinching support and belief in the form of Phiroze who is also the co-founder of Kismet. Within no time Kismet became the most recognized and sought after Tarot Card Reading center.
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About Kismet

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At Kismet, unlike our other net buddies – you as a client is given utmost importance. The advantage of dealing with Kismet is YOU KNOW WHOM YOU ARE DEALING WITH. ITS A REAL TIME INTERACTION, DIRECTLY WITH THE READER.
As a client you can meet with the reader, get all your doubts clarified, have a real tarot session , discuss your problems on a one to one level and get your solutions. We make ourselves available to you at your time of need. We are very active on Skype -in case you stay out of the city. Our base is in Pune and Mumbai.
At Kismet – you do not deal with pages and links and machines – This One Is For Real.
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In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did, and why you no longer need to feel that way.
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White Spell Casting

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.
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Sterling Silver Aztec-Mantaz Weight Loss Amulet Losing weight can be a difficult, frustrating and often impossible situation.You struggle with..
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It's been a very positive experience with Mam! She has been guiding me from overcoming almost all the issues and problems in my life! I had suffered in relationships, financially, mentally and physically and tried almost everything which friends and family told me, could help! But nothing worked! But with the help of Mam, I am slowly overcoming all my issues and getting to live a fulfilling life! She is there to guide whenever you need her! It's actually a blessing that I finally got to know someone like her in life! Thank her with heart and complete devotion for being there!


A session with Behroze is an experience worth having.She is warm to talk to, trustworthy to confide and is upfront about things. She has no hidden agendas. Her mastery over occult areas like tarot, zen tarot, spells etc are beyond doubt. I benefited immensely.

R Giridharan

I was feeling a rather overburdened and cloudy minded in my current life situation, and not sure which path to take. After my previous reading with Myra before, it had proved to be very accurate and helpful so I got in touch for another reading. This time I felt even more clear minded and Myra helped me put everything into perspective. Now I really know where I am going in my life and feel so much better and happier for it! The positive changes were instantly noticeable and I feel very excited for the future.I would recommend contacting Myra to anyone who needs a little guidance.


Just a note to testify. Some months ago, I ordered SIRG SIRG Energy in an attempt at convincing a movie production entity to take an option on a book of mine towards the making of a movie. Within perhaps three weeks of the date of the Energy Concentrated on me, it happened. I am not at liberty to tell more about this project, but a two-year option was taken on the book with cash payment for that option. Just thought you'd like to know. SIRG SIRG apparently works big time!

John Plummer

Behroze was very professional, earnest and transparent in her dealings. She would patiently explain the implications of each card that I picked up. She was quite accurate with her predictions..My experience was very pleasant and gainful.Her service even after the first session has been exceptional.She can be relied upon to keep secrets She was not at all money minded. I recommended her to my friends, who also share my views.


I m fortunate to have a guide like you. You calm me down everytime im tensed without me telling you. Whether its my personal or professional life, I take my decisions only after your approval, cause i know your powers on foreseeing are always right. Thank you for being there always, guiding me and protecting me.

Aarti Bhandari

I was not very sure about tarot reading, till I meet Mrs Behroze. I meet her when I was low and all over the place with my feeling didn’t know what to do. She read my tarot and helped me to be in control of myself by diverting positive energy towards me. This helped me a lot and to be in control of myself. Mrs. Behroze is honest but gentle and hopeful. She effortlessly breaking it down for those who aren’t familiar with it and broadening perspectives. My reading with Mrs. Behroz was also my first tarot reading. I really didn’t know what to expect, but she put me immediately at ease, explaining the process and her approach to reading. She explained each card I pulled in detail. I found her readings to be accurate with regard to future.

Miloni J

Dear Ms Becky , It was indeed a rewarding experience meeting up with you. Your help in a situation which would only lead to gradual disaster, was the silver lining in the dark cloud that faced me.I take this moment to Thank You for the help & guidance received from you during this dark period of my life.



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